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MoreFaster is a strategic advisory firm specializing in creating a strategy around emerging technology. Working at the executive layer to be the translation layer between, startups, venture capital, and major brands. The focus is on identifying and solving disparate and complex problems into effective solutions. Creating a strategy, not just tactics.

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Failure Project
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Mc Kenna grew up in the heart of the silicon valley allowing her to be one of the original digital natives, giving an unusual perspective and relationship to technology. After finishing college in 2.5 years with a degree in economic policy, she went to work for a Private Equity REIT based in Latin America eventually running their business development. During that time she moved back to the Bay Area and started to help run the NASA AMES Robotics Lab, as the #1 robotics education program in the world the focus was about setting the example of what was possible and finding ways to help make those resources scalable to students around the world. She returned to the tech world full time when she started working for Tim Draper, helping with his Draper University program and as a partner at a seed investment fund where he was the primary LP. While working for Tim, she got heavily involved in the "Crypto" space, focusing on the applications of Blockchain, rather than the speculative asset class.  Her writings on Venture Captial and technology have been published in Forbes, Adweek, and I.N.C, as well as being one of the top writers on Quora. More recently she was a co-founder of an AI company with a focus on creating tools to empower creatives to tell dynamic narratives. Currently, she consults, advising both startups and investment groups. 


  When approached and asked to create content by Refinery29, she came up with The Failure Project. The goal of the project is to help shift the conversations we have around failure and expectations. 



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